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In the business of landscaping, edging is practiced to form a transition between the different parts of a landscape. When there’s a change from one material to another, edging assists in creating sharp, clean lines to differentiate the two. One of the more common shifts in landscaping is from grass to planters. Landscape edging comes in a large assortment of materials, with varying styles and costs. With Concrete Edging Las Vegas, we can install any type of landscape edging, including stamped edging, to help create your dream landscape.

From homeowners to business owners, we can provide a full range of edging choices for your landscaping project. A qualified landscape designer from our team can guarantee total satisfaction concerning every landscape edging project we accomplish. We afford reasonable, cost-effective solutions for all of your landscaping needs. Your satisfaction is our top priority and we intend to produce the best landscape edging for your home or business!



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    Styles of Stamped Edging

    There is a myriad of various designs and styles of stamped edging available.
    Every style of stamped landscape edging comes with its own set of advantages.
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    Angle Edge Stamped Edging
    One mold that is commonly used for stamping is Angle Edge Stamped Edging. Our concrete landscape edging contractor can stamp this mold with numerous different types of stamps that include brick and stone stamping. With brick and stone stamping, various distinct techniques of coloring can be utilized to give the landscape edging a multi-colored, multi-dimensional look. This style of landscape edging is perfect for flower beds and driveways. If your home or business is planning on a landscape upgrade, this style of edging can offer a fresh, professional look.
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    Lighted Concrete Stamped Edging
    Lighted Concrete Stamped Edging can add an ongoing light to your edges using a 12v or 120v rope lighting system. With this style of stamped landscape edging you can give a natural look to your home or business while creating a bright effect. Why spend all that time and money on your landscape to not have the opportunity to enjoy it at night? With continuous light, you will be able to magnify your complete landscape designs at night. This edging style can also be stamped with a wide array of prints and patterns to fit your design plan.
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    Concrete Curb Stamped Edging
    Concrete Curb Stamped Edging usually comes in a 4″ by 6″ mold. This hugely popular style of landscape edging is one of the most common styles implemented across the nation. Nonetheless, it is most frequently used for edging flower beds and planters. It is not uncommon, however, to see it utilized for an opulent colored border around sidewalks and driveways. Despite the smaller size of this style of stamped landscape edging, it can still be stamped with a multitude of varying designs.
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    Benefits of Stamped Landscape Edging

    Stamped edging affords a multitude of benefits for homeowners and business owners.
    Stamped landscape edging is one of the more popular, traditional styles of landscape edging, complete with an array of benefits.
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    Custom Colors
    With stamped landscape edging, you no longer have to worry about shopping around for the perfect colors to match the scheme of your landscape design. The concrete for your stamped edging is mixed on-site, which allows us to create whatever color you need to fit with your landscape. Our trained landscaping specialists are well-versed in creating various colors to suit your personal or professional needs. Many other forms of landscape edging require you to hunt down the color you want. If that color is unavailable in that type of edging, unfortunately, it may simply be tough luck. That’s not an issue when it comes to our stamped edging services.
    Stamped Concrete Border
    Mimic Other Styles of Edging
    By utilizing stamped landscape edging, you can have your concrete mimic any manner of other popular edging options, like stone or brick. In doing so, you’ll be saving time and money throughout your landscaping project for your home or business. Just let our reputable landscape designer know how you want your landscape edging to be stamped and we will get right on it! Using more expensive materials, such as stone, can also hinder your landscaping project because of the limited variety of colors available. With the mimicking ability that stamped edging offers, you can have that stone or brick appearance in any color you choose!
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    Keep Your Mulch In and the Weeds Out
    As concrete is significantly heavier than plastic or rubber landscape edging, you’ll be able to contain your mulch and stop weeds from invading. With a heavy border around your planters and flower beds, you’ll never have to worry about your mulch washing away in the rain again. Your stamped edging will provide a sturdy barrier to protect your garden. Vice versa, stamped landscape edging will help to keep grass and weeds from infiltrating your meticulously arranged flower beds. All the while affording a beautiful transition between these spaces and your lawn.
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