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In the landscaping and hardscaping businesses, edging is a term that describes a transition. At every point that your landscape changes from one section to another, edging decorates that transition area. A common example of a transition is from a driveway to grass. Spade-cut edging used to be the industry standard, however, nowadays it’s considered high-maintenance and outmoded for modern lawns. Presently, edging is made from a myriad of materials, with differing strengths and costs. Concrete Edging Grand Rapids will place any of these edging styles to accommodate your landscape design, including brick landscape edging.

From commercial to residential landscapes, we provide the largest diversity of edging styles for your home or business. A qualified landscape designer from our team is here to satisfy you with every landscape job with low, competitive pricing. Your satisfaction is our guarantee and we strive to create a beautifully designed landscape that’s professionally edged for your home or business!



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    Styles of Brick Landscape Edging

    You can make several attractive landscape edging borders with bricks!
    Is a landscape without edging really a landscape at all?
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    Raised Brick Edging
    Raised brick landscape edging is a fabulous option for those of you who have poor soil and want flowers or a garden. This style of edging affords the opportunity of raised flower beds that you can fill with more fertile topsoil. It also adds interesting focal points to a flat, featureless yard. Bricks are available in many different size options so that you can find something regardless of your yard size or taste. Whether you want to increase the value of your home or draw in potential clients to your business, raised brick edging is sure to create the stunning look to get the job done.
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    Brick Paver Edging
    The simplest style of brick landscape edging is laying brick pavers along all of your landscape’s edges. These can be laid flat to create a simple, clean design for all of your borders. This can require digging a trench for the brick to lay in along the landscape borders. Then we lay the brick in the pattern that best fits with your landscape design. The other option for brick pavers is to lay horizontal brick edging. Horizontally laid bricks can add a crisp, raised edge to your landscape with the added benefit of a built-in mowing guide.
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    Recycled Brick Edging
    Bricks offer an authentic, rustic look to a yard and using recycled bricks adds the option of reducing your landscaping costs. You may also have some bricks laying around your own property! Recycled brick edging can also serve as a delightful pathway around garden beds. They can interlock with each other or simply add a touch of diverse colors. You can even use them to coordinate with other stonework in your yard. They’re perfect when you want a flowing border that keeps grass out of the garden, yet allows flowers and other plants to grow without encroaching onto the grass.
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    The Benefits of Brick Landscape Edging

    There are several advantages to brick landscape edging.
    The benefits of using bricks are that they can be uniform and will not rot, come in assorted sizes and colors, and can be moved.
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    Uniformity and Rot-Resistant
    Brick edging affords the opportunity to have uniformity in your landscape design. You can purchase brick pavers all the same size to create a clean, professional look with your edging. Not to mention, bricks will not rot like other edging materials, such as plastic. You don’t have to worry about replacing your landscape edging anytime soon when you choose to go with brick edging. In turn, this benefit will save you money, in the long run, for your home or business.
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    Brick edging fits with numerous different garden styles and comes in a wide assortment of sizes and colors. This means it can be used for both straight garden beds and curved ones. If you need a tighter circle around the garden bed you can use smaller sizes to achieve that. If your plan is to have a uniform look, as previously mentioned, or if you want a more rustic appearance for your landscape, there are options available using brick. Bricks are also available in multiple different colors to suit your business or home’s landscaping needs.
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    Another advantage of using bricks is that if you change your mind about the design of your landscape, bricks can be moved. This versatility allows your landscape to be constantly flowing if you desire. Anytime you feel like a landscape change is needed, you can save money and time by simply moving and reusing your existing brick edging. You can also recycle bricks if you decide to remove a section of your landscape entirely in the future. If you decide to change edging material altogether, your bricks can be repurposed for other projects around your home or business.
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