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In the business of landscaping, edging presents a transition area. Wherever the landscape changes from one medium to another, edging adorns that change. A common example of transitions is from grass to a garden. Gardens can be a cornerstone in a landscape and by using landscape edging, they can be the focal point of your yard. Landscape edging can be made of all sorts of materials with differing advantages and disadvantages. With Concrete Edging Grand Rapids, we’ll ensure you have the sharpest garden bed around!

For both our business and domestic clients, we provide a wide array of edging options to choose from. The licensed and certified landscape professionals on our team are ready to beautifully and professionally produce any landscape edging project with the promise of high quality, affordable prices, and timeliness. Your satisfaction is of the highest importance to us and we strive to give you the landscape of your dreams!



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    Types of Garden Edging

    We have many styles of garden edging to choose from!
    A garden that looks unfinished can be an eyesore in your yard.
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    Brick Edging
    Brick can be an excellent choice to edge your garden bed. Brick is long-lasting and sturdy, it will not rot like other edging materials such as plastic. Brick edging is heavy enough to keep your mulch in and undergrowth out. There are multiple styles to edge your garden using bricks. You can have a raised border if your soil isn’t viable for gardening, which makes your yard shine above the rest. You also have the option to use recycled bricks, which will bring down costs, to create a more rustic look to your garden!
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    Concrete Edging
    Concrete is a remarkably versatile solution to your garden edging needs. Concrete borders can be stamped to mimic many various other materials used in edging. You can also have your concrete edging colored to whatever color scheme matches your landscape design! Like brick, concrete is heavy and will keep your garden’s mulch and soil contained while keeping weeds out. As the concrete is mixed and poured on-site, no matter the shape of your garden bed, the concrete can be made to conform to all the straight lines and curves that make up your garden.
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    Rubber Edging
    For a more environmentally friendly solution to your garden edging, rubber makes for a wonderful choice. Most rubber edging is made using almost nothing but recycled rubber from materials like used tires. By utilizing rubber you’re playing an important role in our environment’s protection. Rubber is also highly flexible, allowing it to be molded around any garden bed, no matter the size. No digging is required to edge with rubber either. The rubber edging is typically staked down using anchors, therefore we can save you the time and money other edging materials simply need to have. The color variety for rubber has grown over the years, so don’t think that you’ll be stuck with only black to choose from.
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    The Benefits of Garden Edging

    The benefits of a professionally edged garden are numerous.
    A garden bed that has been professionally edged provides a myriad of benefits including, but not limited to, improving appearance, making maintenance easier, and better containing your garden.
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    Improving Appearances
    Garden bed edging cleans up the lines of your garden to make your landscape look more refined and complete. With numerous distinct design choices available, the border is a means to add style to your garden. For example, concrete edging stamped to look like stones creates a natural style along the garden’s edge. Garden edging can be used with neutral colors, to allow the colors of the plants and flowers to be the focal point. Appealing contrast is also created between the hard lines of the edging and the softer characteristics of plants.
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    Easier Maintenance
    Edging along your garden bed makes maintenance of the landscaped areas easier for you or your groundskeeper. Trimming weeds or mowing grass along a solid perimeter is more manageable than along an exposed garden bed. The plants inside the bed are much safer from being harmed by weeding or mowing because the edging protects them. Your landscape edging also makes it easier to control the watering, fertilizing and pesticide applications in the planter by isolating it from the rest of your yard.
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    Garden Containment
    Garden edging holds all of the gardening elements where they’re supposed to be when the edging is installed properly by our professional landscaping experts. The underground part of the edging limits the plant roots from spreading outside of the planter while keeping the grass in your yard. The upper portion of the garden edging keeps soil and mulch from washing away or blowing out of your garden due to inclement weather. By keeping the elements of your garden enclosed, this helps keep your plants healthy and looking their best.
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