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Sometimes, the yard can look like a mess without proper barriers in place, maintenance can be a hassle and weeds can grow in your delicate flower beds, causing mayhem from all angles. With so many things going wrong with your landscaping, it can feel like you are trapped between a rock and a hard place. But, we have a solution that can restore order to your yard, custom landscape edging. 

While custom landscape edging can provide ample aesthetic appeal, there are many other benefits that homeowners don’t know about or simply forget about. We know what our landscape edging can do for you and down below, you will find everything that our edging can do for you as well as a look at some of our most popular edging materials!

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    Function Over Form
    The Different Types Of Landscape Edging
    One of the best things about landscape edging is the wide range of options you have! We offer the full range of edging materials and down below, you will find a few of the best materials we offer:
    • Pavers
    • Brick
    • Recycled Plastic
    • Composite
    • Plastic
    • Rubber
    • Stone
    • Concrete
    • Wood
    • Metal

    Why You Should Consider

    Landscape Edging

    One of the major benefits of custom edging is the vast amount of options you have as seen above, resulting in a nearly endless amount of customization. But, the benefit that “digs deeper” is the fact that most of our edging such as concrete, rubber and stone options offer the ability to create a root barrier. These materials are placed deeper into the ground, creating a visual barrier and a barrier underground, restricting the growth of weeds and turf grass in your delicate flower beds and gardens. 

    The visual barrier is also perfect to inform guests where and where not to walk, keeping your plants from being walked across. This will also make your yard more organized and crisp, increasing the curb appeal of your home; which can increase the resale value of your home. Landscape edging will make yard maintenance easy as well, allowing you to mow right up to the edging, reducing the need to trim any stray grass or weeds after you stop mowing.

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    A Guide To The Best

    Landscape Edging Materials
    We know that picking an edging material can be a hard choice, especially with all of the options. To make the process of choosing your edging material a little easier, we have taken the opinion of all of our past clients and made a list of the best edging materials and we have outlined them down below!
    concrete edging
    Concrete Edging
    Concrete edging is a material known for its durability, longevity and the customization that can be achieved with this material. Concrete is one of the strongest building materials used today with high compressive strength and the ability to withstand years of weathering, exposure to chemicals and even harsh UV rays when paired with an acrylic sealer. But what makes concrete special as an edging material is the use of dyes and the ability to stamp the concrete to look like materials such as; stone, brick, and pavers.
    garden edging
    Rubber Edging
    Rubber edging may be a more suitable option for curved or circular edging such as tree surroundings, odd-shaped flower beds and planters due to its flexibility, making intricate designs easier to install and look more free-flowing. Rubber landscape edging is also one of the most affordable options as well with materials being roughly around 40 linear feet for 32 dollars and installation costs being as low as 3 dollars a linear foot. Rubber edging can resist weather, can last decades and is an eco-friendly option due to the high levels of recycled material in its composure.
    garden borders
    Pavers are one of the most sought after edging materials thanks to their easy maintenance, long service life and wide arrangements of different styling, colors, and textures offered. For example, pavers can take the appearance of brick or stone and also be made out of concrete, making an average looking edge into a beautiful spectacle in your yard. Pavers are available to be installed both vertically and horizontally opposed, horizontally is suggested to keep lawn maintenance simplistic, making mowing effortless.
    landscape borders
    Stone Edging
    One of the best looking edging materials you can use to spruce up your landscaping is natural stone. The use of natural stone can create an effect unobtainable by other edging materials while still creating a border to keep your mulch in place. For example, many homes can stand to gain from the aesthetic of uniquely shaped stones placed vertically, making the border appear uneven but not clashing with the full aesthetic of the home.
    concrete curbing
    Plastic Edging
    Just like rubber edging, plastic edging is an extremely affordable material that won’t break the bank when you are looking to sharpen the appearance of your lawn. There are 2 major different types of plastic edging, plastics with spikes on the bottom to install and black plastic edging which requires the material to be pushed into the surface, creating a root barrier but with no material showing through the top of the landscape.
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