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In the realm of landscaping, edging grants a transition zone. Wherever the landscape changes from one material to another, edging beautifies that change. The most frequent of these transitions are from grass to flower beds. In the past a spade-cut edge was the national standard, however, today that’s considered high-maintenance and outdated for a modern yard. Now the edging can be made of a plethora of materials, with varying durability and pricing. Concrete Edging Las Vegas can install any of these edging materials to suit your landscaping needs, including rubber edging.

For our commercial and residential clients, we provide a wide variety of edging materials to have installed. A trained landscape designer from our team is ready to guarantee 100% satisfaction with every landscape edging project completed at low, affordable prices. Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us and we strive to create a beautifully-edged landscape for your home or business!



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Styles of Rubber Landscape Edging

There are various styles of rubber landscape edging, each with their own benefits.
Landscape edging increases your property’s value and curb appeal.
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L-shaped Rubber Edging
Rubber L-edging is the best landscape edging for flower beds, gardens, sidewalks, and driveways. This flexible rubber edging will mold to any landscape and provide any design with a finished look. The built-in mower guide eliminates trimming for a worry-free landscape. L-edger protects and contains your garden, landscaping, and flower beds while providing a crisp, fresh look to your home or business. The sturdy and flexible design can be installed in a straight line, curve, or circle allowing you to create the look you desire.
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Stone Border Rubber Edging
The stone border rubber edging provides the look of a masonry stone edge with the added benefit of being made from a flexible, environmentally friendly rubber! This style of rubber edging is also quite flexible and can conform to the various curves and lines of your business or home’s landscape. The rubber material of the edger is made almost entirely from recycled rubber for an environmentally friendly choice for landscaping. This cheap landscape edging is ideal for walkways, flower beds, and patios.
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Curb Border Rubber Edging
The Curb Border Rubber Edging is a durable, yet flexible, landscape edging choice. It can be installed quickly and easily without digging up your yard. This style of rubber landscape edging provides the look of a custom stone or concrete border united with the flexibility of rubber. This choice works exceptionally well to separate business or home’s lawn from the landscape beds or along walkways and patios where mulch often scatters out from the weather. Unlike actual concrete, rubber edging can be interchanged and is reusable through the years. Available in several colors, this type of rubber edging offers choices for whatever your design needs are.
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The Benefits of Rubber Landscape Edging

Notable benefits to using rubber landscape edging.
Rubber edging for landscaping is a popular, versatile choice among landscapers, homeowners, and business owners as it’s more flexible, eco-friendly, and affordable than other types of landscape edging.
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Rubber landscape edging provides an easy-to-use, flexible alternative to traditional landscape edging materials. With rubber edging, you can mold it to fit any pathway or border you have around your home or business. There is no worry of needing costly equipment to cut and rearrange landscape edgers in order to make it conform to your design, such as the case with stone or concrete. The benefit of your edging material being so flexile also provides the ability to create a seamless appearance to all your landscape borders as well.
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Another main benefit of working with rubber landscape edging is that it’s environmentally friendly. Most rubber edging styles are made using anywhere from 90% to 100% recycled rubber from materials such as tires. In doing so, this reduces waste significantly for our planet. Rubber waste is not biodegradable and has considerable negative effects on the environment. By utilizing this recycled material for your landscape design, you are playing an important role in helping keep our environment clean. Not to mention, if you decide down the road to switch out your landscape edging for something else, your old rubber edging can be recycled again.
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For the choices in color, patterns, and designs available for rubber landscape edging, you pay less than you would for many other traditional types of landscape edging products. Rubber is a cheap landscape edging material that certainly doesn’t make your home or business look cheap. You can achieve a plethora of elegant design aspects while utilizing rubber to keep the costs as low as possible.
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