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In the world of landscape design, edging is used to create a transition between elements. When the landscape shifts from one material to another, it serves to create crisp, clean lines to separate the two. A common transition for a landscape to have is from grass to walkways. Landscape edging can be made from an excess of materials, with varying longevity and pricing. Here at Concrete Edging Las Vegas, we are happy to install any of these edging materials to best fit your landscaping needs, including plastic edging.

For both homeowners and business owners, we offer a broad assortment of edging materials that you can have installed. With an expert landscape designer from our team, we are confident in guaranteeing 100% satisfaction with every landscape edging project completed. We offer inexpensive, cost-efficient pricing for all of our services. Your satisfaction is of the highest magnitude to us and we aim to provide the best landscape edging for your home or business!



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Styles of Plastic Edging

There are all types of styles for plastic landscape edging, each with their own perks.
Landscape edging increases your business or home’s value and beautifies your property.
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Anchored Plastic Edging
Anchored Plastic Edging is a durable and decorative landscaping solution to beautifully finish any landscaping design. Intended for swift and simple installation, no digging is needed to use this type of plastic edging. We will simply clear the space of loose dirt and debris, straighten the edging to your desired distance, and use a hammer to secure the anchoring stakes into the ground. This plastic landscape edging is easy to handle and we can cut it to the length you need. Anchored plastic edging is flexible enough to create tight circles around trees and planters.
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Hammer-in Plastic Edging
Hammer-in Plastic Landscape Edging is a smart, modern landscape border that provides an easier solution to traditional coiled edging. No redundant straightening or heating in the sun to make it flexible, this style of plastic edging is flexible enough to suit all your needs from the start. The edging is simply placed along the desired layout. Then it’s hammered with a rubber mallet to the proper depth. Although, if the ground is too hard for the plastic, wet installation may be required for this type of plastic landscape edging. It’s also possible that we may need to score the ground with a shovel prior to installation.
decorative landscape edging
Decorative Plastic Brick Edging
Another dig-free solution to your landscape design needs is Decorative Plastic Brick Edging. These plastic bricks simply snap together and are pressed into the ground. We don’t have to dig up your yard in order to place these purely aesthetic bricks. They may not be as flexible as other plastic edging styles, however, the bricks can still be maneuvered to create a pleasing edging around curves and planters as necessary. Utilizing this style of plastic edging allows you to have the aesthetic appeal of real brick without the hassle and the higher prices.
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The Benefits of Plastic Edging

There are numerous benefits provided by using plastic landscape edging.
Plastic edging is one of the most popular choices in landscape design. It offers more variety, it’s more budget-friendly, and offers a fast installation.
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Plastic landscape edging offers the most variety in color and style than any other edging material available. Plastic edging can be made to mimic practically any stone, concrete, or wood edging. This type of landscape edging material is also available in the widest array of colors on the market. You can achieve whatever look you desire for your business or home’s landscape design without the high prices associated with the real version of traditional edging materials. From miniature fencing and natural stone to concrete pavers, there is a plastic edging version to satisfy your specifications.
cheap landscape edging
With the ability of plastic landscape edging to mimic other, more expensive, landscape edging materials, plastic edging is a much more budget-friendly alternative. In relation to the extensive variety of colors that it comes in, the price for plastic edging is incredibly affordable. This cheap landscape edging has the ability to increase your business or home’s value in a cost-efficient, easy manner. There is no worry about it looking cheap or poorly installed with our professional team of experts. If you want to beautify your yard, but don’t want to drop a ton of money, plastic landscape edging is the way to go.
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Fast Installation
If you want to upgrade your landscape or are in the midst of landscape remodel, but you’re in a time crunch, plastic landscape edging is an excellent choice. Plastic edging is by far the fastest style of landscape edging to have installed. Even on a large-scale project, we can have all your edging installed in no time when you utilize the benefits of plastic landscape edging. Without the need to dig up your yard and with the option of simple hammer-in styles, you can’t beat the speed of plastic landscape edging.
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